CBD Infused Canna'B Gin, 5cl Miniature
CBD Infused Canna'B Gin, 5cl Miniature

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CBD Infused Canna'B Gin, 5cl Miniature

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41% ABV | 5CL | 1MG CBD
Doble Hemp'd | Double Indulgence
Scottish Gin Award Finalist For Innovation Of The Year 2019
You Are About To Experience A Drink Like No Other. A Truly A Unique & Versatile Gin - Like The Hemp Plant Itself!
A small batch, artisan Gin delicately balanced & wrapped in hemp (cannabis sativa L), hemp seeds & Full Spectrum water soluble CBD (Cannabidiol) from The Wee Hemp Company coupled with the finest botanicals, milk thistle, as well as award winning blossom honey & ancient spring water both sourced along Royal Deeside, Scotland.
This Wee artisan Gin contains: 
10mg of Full Spectrum water soluble CBD from The Wee Hemp Company.  
Each miniature contains: 1mg of CBD 
For every cloudy tipple, enjoy the silver lining of cannabinoids, flavonoids & terpenes lovingly suspended in our CBD Gin. 
Wee Fact: Water soluble CBD can be up to 5-10x more bioavailable as Wee each comprise of approx. 70% water! 
This Wee tipple won't get you 'high' but it'll make you fall in love with the spirit of the hemp plant... "Slàinte mhath!"
The result? Possibly the smoothest Gin in the world!
 You say “It Canna’B”… Wee say “It Can”