Our Story

Calum, Rebecca & Mylo (Woof Woof)


An adventurous, out going small family unit, Wee strive to bring out the best not only in each other but the people we surround ourselves with.
Wee are Calum, Rebecca & Miss Mylo (Woof Woof). Wee have have been married for just over 3 years but have known each other for 20 years.
Friends for the first 15 years Wee enjoyed snowboarding in the winters, socialising within our various & large group of friends, shared similar interests & views on life. Wee got together in late 2014 and were married by October 2015....Wee didnt hang about....

Why Wee Hemp

At Wee Hemp HQ, Wee are all about showcasing the versatility of the hemp plant. Hemp unfortunately has really been up against it in recent decades and Wee are here to show just how wonderful this underdog of a plant really is.
The endless list of uses for hemp is mind-blowing, from its extensive healing properties, dietary uses, textiles, paper, fabric, fuel oil, to even a biodegradable plastic replacement- just to name a few uses- this plant can really do it all & as well as help the environment!!

The Wee Concept

The concept came to us one beautiful summers day whilst Wee were out exploring our favourite local area- The Cairngorms National Park- with Mylo, The Wee Hemp Dog.
After frequently enjoying the delights Royal Deeside has to offer in the way of delicious, natural, sustainable, local produce at numerous farmers' markets & during our explores of the area, our minds began to wonder off piste...
How could Wee celebrate this natures larder that's available on our doorstep, whilst showcasing the many uses of the hemp plant? 
Then the light bulb moment 💡

It Canna'B...Can It?

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